Cleaning Pictures to Inspire Your New Year’s Cleaning

It is that time again! New Year’s Cleaning. I am currently thinking to myself, “Why do I have so much stuff?!” As a little pick me up for my 大掃除 (おおそうじ) sorrows I decided to post some pictures of cleaning to make me a little happier.

掃除機 by ぼや野 on pixiv

吸いたい尻尾 by 山葵茶 on pixiv

Cleaning Squad by 黒兎 ♥ on pixiv

掃除当番。 by はるさめまなな on pixiv

大掃除ズラ! by はかなシ on pixiv

年末大掃除にゃんこ by わにねこwithくまこ on pixiv

邸宅のメイド by LENA ティア118す27b on pixiv

おそーじ by すをん on pixiv

しっかりお手入れ by ばう@二日目_Q-23a on pixiv

Hope your cleaning goes smoother than mine is!

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