Bananya (ばなにゃ)


Bananya (ばなにゃ) is a Japanese made for TV anime short that is 13 episodes long. Each episode is about 3 minutes and it began airing in July 2016. It is considered to have the tags comedy, kids, slice of life, animal protagonists, food protagonists.

Basic Plot:

The secret life of cats who live in bananas is revealed.


Lucky Holiday 「ラッキーホリデー」 by AXELL with (梶裕貴)Yūki Kaji.

Waku Waku Review:



This really was an anime for little kids. The language was easy to understand and it has no story-line at all. The bananyas are cute and definitely made to push spending on goods. The animation was very mediocre, but with the way the show was presented I didn’t really feel that it hindered it. The target audience is not going to be adults, so I suppose just having cute things doing cute stuff is enough. As an adult I wouldn’t really suggest watching this. If you want to try it out you will pretty much get an idea of the rest of the episodes after the first one. They are all pretty much the same.



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